Volans: The Flying Fish


Volans, The Flying Fish

Volans as depicted by Johann Bayer in his Uranometria (1661).

Volans Constellation Profile
Abbreviation: Vol Genitive: Volantis Origin: Keyser/de Houtman
Location: Southern Hemisphere Size/Area: 141 sq. deg. Size Rank: 76
On Meridian: 9pm March 1st Best View (North): Best View (South):
Bordering Constellations: Chamaeleon, Carina, Pictor, Dorado, Mensa


The Myth Behind the Constellation Volans

Volans, “The Flying Fish” was created by Dutch navigators Pieter Dirkszoon and Frederick de Houtman at the end of the sixteenth century.  These fish were seen flying out of the water as they were being pursued by dolphinfish. Both types of fish were depicted in the southern sky, with Dorado chasing Volans.

Volans Constellation Points of Interest

Interesting stars and objects.

Bright Stars in Volans

There are no stars in Volans with a magnitude of 3.0 or brighter.