Happy Halloween from Galileo and Under the Night Sky

Happy Halloween In keeping with the macabre nature of the day, we present Galileo’s Index Finger.

Galileo's Index Finger Bones Galileo’s index finger bones. On display at the Museo Galileo in Florence, Italy. Photo by Edward Dick, Jr.

Now residing in the Museo Galileo in Florence, Italy this finger from Galileo’s right hand was removed by historian Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti during a ceremony on March 12, 1737. Galileo’s remains were unearthed and moved to a prominent tomb in the main body of the church of Santa Croce.   A middle finger, a thumb, a tooth and a vertebra were also removed.

This finger, along with the thumb and tooth, disappeared in 1905, only to be rediscovered in 2009.

Full Hunter’s Moon 2014

Full Hunter’s Moon 2014 The crops have been harvested and winter is coming. Time for the Full Hunter’s Moon. Native Americans named this moon as such because it was time to build up their stores for winter and the reaped field and fallen leaves made it easier to see their prey. The Hunter’s Moon, also known as Blood Moon and Sanguine Moon, was considered an important time and was celebrated with feasts by Native American’s and in Western Europe. The hunter hits his mark on October 8th, at 10:51 (GMT).

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