Scarecrow – Mars Curiosity Style Rover

Scarecrow: Curiosity’s Earthbound Brother Several rovers were in action at the JPL Open House that took place in Pasadena, CA this past October. “Scarecrow”, the earthbound surrogate of Mars Rover Curiosity, was on display and put through its paces for attendees to watch. Named Scarecrow because “it doesn’t have a brain”, this rover is not equipped with all the instruments that Curiosity has. This lack of extra weight gives Scarecrow the equivalent weight of Curiosity, with all its instruments, in the lower gravity of Mars.

To see this rover in action, watch the above video.

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Full Beaver Moon 2014

Full Beaver Moon 2014 For the American colonist and the Algonquin tribes the November Full Moon was know as the Full Beaver Moon. This was the time of year to prepare for the upcoming winter by setting beaver traps before the swamps froze. This would help ensure warm beaver furs to fend off the winter cold. Also, beavers are also very busy this time of year, preparing for winter.   The November Full Moon is also know as Frosty Moon.

Full Beaver Moon arrives at November 6th, 22:23 GMT.

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