Horologium Constellation Myths and Facts

Horologium: The Clock

Pronunciation: hor-uh-LOE-jee-um
Horologium as depicted by its creator, Nicolas Louis de La Caille.
Horologium Constellation Profile
Abbreviation: Hor Genitive: Horologii
Origin: Lacaille Location: Southern Hemisphere
Best View (North): Best View (South):
Bordering Constellations: Hydrus, Reticulum, Dorado, Caelum, Eridanus

The Myth Behind the Constellation Horologium

An eighteenth century creation of Nicolas-Louis de La Callie, Horologium, latin for “the clock”, started life as l’Horloge on the French astronomers 1756 planisphere.  It was represented as a pendulum clock.  The name was Latinized to Horologium in 1763.

Horologium Constellation Points of Interest

Interesting stars and objects.

Bright Stars in Horologium

There are no stars in Horologium with a magnitude of 3.0 or brighter.