Lupus: The Wolf


Lupus, The Wolf

Lupus as depicted by Johannes Hevelius in his Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia (1687). Source image provided by — Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps Inc.

Lupus Constellation Profile
Abbreviation: Lup Genitive: Lupi Origin: Ancient
Location: Southern Hemisphere Size/Area: 334 sq. deg. Size Rank: 46
On Meridian: 9pm June 20th Best View (North): Spring Best View (South):
Bordering Constellations: Libra, Hydra, Centaurus, Circinus, Norma, Scorpius


The Myth Behind the Constellation Lupus

Lupus, “The Wolf”, was called Therion by the ancient Greeks.  It was an unspecified wild animal.  Centaurus, the centaur has it impaled on a spear, ready to sacrifice the beast on the altar, Ara.  The Babylonians new this constellation as a wolf.

Lupus Constellation Points of Interest

Interesting stars and objects.

Bright Stars in Lupus

These are the stars in Lupus with a minimum magnitude of 3.0.

Name Bayer Name Magnitude Color Luminosity Distance
Alpha Lupi Alpha Lupi 2.30  Blue-White 7,832 suns 548 ly
Beta Lupi Beta Lupi 2.68  Blue-White 6,895 suns 523 ly
Gamma Lupi Gamma Lupi 2.80  Blue-White 5,000 suns 420 ly